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Podcast Troubles & Update

It turns out that I'm having some technical troubles with putting together a podcast.  Until I get things figured out, I will just have to keep blogging.  Writing is more of my forte, as it happens.

I'm a quiet person and I hear a lot of things.  Something I heard about the other day was from a local cafe/deli shop owner (of a "superhero friendly place) talking to a customer, is that she had some police detectives in [for food and/or coffee] who were telling her that they wished Fairbanks [Alaska] had vigilantes due to the amount of problems they have.

Has anyone else heard something similar in their own communities?

This might be the best time for a person to pick up the hero's mantle.  Crime has escalated.  Police need assistance, they know it, and they even talk about it.

RLSH need to work, at least in part, with their local police force(s).  I know that in Fairbanks (my location) we have city police and state troopers.  Funny enough, my office requires the state …

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