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Heroic Health & Body

This is probably one of many posts regarding your body and health.  You have to live a healthy lifestyle if you expect to be a hero.  If you eat a bunch of junk food, you're not going to have the proper energy for heroics and you're going to end up with health problems.  People find that drinking more water, eating a healthy diet, and exercising regularly leads to a better immune system - which means they don't get sick often.

Since this is simply a brief overview of body and health, I want to touch on the BIG THREE that you need to focus on.

WaterEating Healthy FoodsExercise Regularly
Water Since the human body is composed of 80% water, you absolutely need to be drinking water every day.  It's recommended to drink 8 cups (or a half-gallon) of water a day, not including other beverages.  This is surprisingly easy to do.  I recommend getting a half-gallon jug or a 32oz water bottle (2 bottles of water equals a half-gallon) to help you keep track of your water intake.  Yo…

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